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whiter yes or no?

In the distant times, bagging was a must-see for bathing. Was it possible for someone to go to the bathroom without a veil and clean? Old men knew that they are now surprising us. For example, they made white beagles in making a veil, spinal cord or gizzard that contains highly skilled ingredients (now used in the production of expensive French cosmetics). And lacquer, a natural material that is much cheaper and more valuable than exfoliates and cosmetics available on the market. But the question is why the new generation has not been able to adequately value this Ranger’s legacy, putting it into more expensive and expensive materials for skin and medicine.

The answer is that in the event of a livestock disease, the spinal cord can be infected with microbial brucella or Bacillus anthraise and infect the skin with scratches in the skin and infect the person with mastoid or scrotum diseases. This is a factor that can make the doctors and some infectious vectors feel detrimental.

The production of Yashili on this subject has brought about changes in the formulas and methods of the traditional production of this product and produced a completely clean and healthy product.

Other causes for the prohibition of the use of laceration are changes in living conditions. Some believe that having regular and daily intake, what needs to be bagged with those thick bags?

The answer is, yes, by changing the lifestyle and the presence of baths and frequent bathing of the skin of the present human being is more sensitive and delicate than the previous generations and does not suffer from the agony of the past, and maybe it’s already bumpy in the thick and sore bags of children , There are sad memories, but this does not mean that we do not need to cleanse the skin. Because each person in each case has 30,000 cells in the top layer of the skin falling and forms a corpuscle from dead cells on the skin. In fact, every month, everyone’s skin is fresh and fresh. Cleansing these dead cells brings joy and vitality to the skin.

The Yashli Company, with the knowledge of the subject, designs and sew a bag that is made of a cloth suitable for today’s skin. It is fitted with a soft-walled roughness on another surface of the bag for straightening after bagging.

And since bagging is not recommended for the skin, we have succeeded in making powders that our customers can easily clean their skin without having to go to bath and without having to pack with these powders at any time and place. And enjoy the privileges.

Among the advantages of the lens, one can mention the following:
The loser draws all the dead cells.
Transparent and white skin.
Provides more blood to the skin to help repair the skin.
The pH of this bulk material is proportional.
Due to its natural nature, it does not contaminate the water and the environment
Cosmetics cheaper.
All of its raw materials are from the sources of our beloved Iran and are not imported.
With the prospect of using this peppermint, you can stop the false outflow of currency for the import of chemical pillings.
By reviewing the above, we are collecting our customers that can tell this product a great deal.

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